whatever their "happy new home", there'll always be room for some Tilly Ba Lou love

A new home is always an exciting, if not somewhat stressful time, and a great time to send some Tilly Ba Lou love.

OK, so lets be honest here … we'd be lying if we said Tilly Ba Lou is perfect for everyone … I can only imagine the look of horror on the faces of some of my own friends if I presented them with a 3 heart garland to adorn the wall of their city centre warehouse conversion!!!! … It would definitely be one of those gifts that only see the light of day when I'm invited round to dinner!

That said, one teeny, tiny heart to suite the interior décor of the downstairs loo would represent the sentiment "Love Lives Here" (not necessarily in the loo I hasten to add!!!). So here's the sentiments and meanings behind some of our products, especially suited to the occasion "Happy New Home"

"Love Lives Here" - Single and Double Hearts

"Peace and Love" - Dove

"Peace, Love and Joy" - Three Heart Garland

The "Two Hearts One Love" hanger is also a wonderful gift for any couple moving into their first home together.

As for the type of "New Home" who said it has to be bricks and mortar?!  The gorgeous VW Split Screen Camper Van (Pooka) featured above, was the first VW ever to sport a Tilly Ba Lou heart. There are now several hundred of them out there … so if you love your Vdub … then make sure you give it a heart.

The white Scandinavian inspired chalet featured above right belongs to Beanie … our Yorkshire Terror! (no I didn't mis-spell!!)

... as we said … every new home deserves some Tilly Ba Lou love aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh xx ...


© Denise Patton Tilly Ba Lou